Iconic.. Not a compliment to be used for any old achievement ‘iconic’ is reserved for only the most highly original and influential people, performers or works of art.

BDSM to Me… is creative art in live motion” Mistress Rouge.

The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it. Resist it and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden itself” Oscar Wilde.

West Midlands Mistress Rouge

Mistress Rouge BDSM Femdom Icon Veteran gifted with the art of Discipline S&M Fetish Bizarre Perversions & BDSM Est. 20 years.. Creating memorable Femdom experiences with notoriety OWK Mistress on three occasions The English Mansion and Studio Avalon in Berlin.

I am an authentic natural creative Domina and I welcome masochists and those that require strict training & discipline I operate with a no safeword policy for all My sessions this ensures My complete control of you. I have a penchant for all aspects of Domination Control Discipline slave training fantasies and fetishes I also enjoy using human ashtrays fully dressed head to toe in Leather.

I naturally demand obedience ultimate submission and servitude I enjoy engaging in intense liberating creative experiences I am a traditional Mistress and celebrate the Old School style of Domination.

I welcome Leather fetishists Leather is one of My most rewarding sessions.
Switches also welcome a session release with no D/s involved.

I am available for sessions twice a month and host a filming day once per month which will be announced on My Twitter & blog post here at My site so do sign up to My newsletter where I will announce in advance My available session day each month.

Filming opportunities are also available.

My location is a fully equipped kinky cottage in Stourport Upon Severn with discreet residential parking. Domestic service available also Maid service for the afternoon.

I have a slut available for bi session engagement.

I have My Rubber Maid Candice available for Milking Maid duties.

West Midlands Mistress